At Strategic Communications Group, we offer you the expertise, capability and resources to foster business ideas and opportunities. Our services range from specific product launches to full-blown communication strategies. We also create outstanding media relations, and consistently match superior strategic work with strong execution and implementation. Our professional services include:

Public Relations - The Value of Networking

New technologies may have accelerated the pace of information dissemination,yet the human mind responds in the old fashioned way. Impact of public opinion is obvious in some cases while subtle in others. Public opinion can however be tailored to align public perception with client perception on relevant issues.

At Strategic Communications Group, we believe that shaping public opinion is instrumental in building an organization's future and giving it the right direction. Our expertise in conceptualizing, implementing and managing long-term PR programs successfully help network long-term relationships, create a strong image for the organization thereby ensuring rewarding return on investment.

Policy Makers' Relations - The Value of Influence

Government decisions impact every organization. Regulations and legislations determine the framework within which businesses operate. They have significant influence on the planning, organizing and decision making process within organizations.

At Strategic Communications Group, we most importantly understand the nature of public issues at both, national and international levels. We know the key players and influencers and comprehend the dynamics of governmental mechanics and inter-governmental institutions. This gives us the upper hand in cutting through the maze of regulations and legislations, spread amongst a multitude of departments and agencies. A vital factor to fuel your growth within changing economic and political scenarios.

Media Relations - The Value of Credible Messages

Media influences perceptions, shapes attitudes and impacts behavior. Hence the impact of messages perception depend on how they are devised and packaged.

At Strategic Communications Group, we have a deep understanding of the media and how it impacts public perception. Most importantly, we realize how important the right communication can further the cause and objectives of an organization. The reason why, we develop relationship with key players in the media, devise clear-cut strategies and craft the right message to help your organization receive rewarding attention and favorable public perception.

Special Events Management - The Value of special opportunities

In the pursuit of growth, every organization comes across events and episodes that are out of the routine. Many times, the organization may not have dealt with such unplanned events. In such unpredictable situations you need a partner with the capability to turn these situations in favor of an organization.

At Strategic Communications Group, we have a unique capability of conceptualizing, organizing and managing special events in pursuit of an organization's larger objectives. Our expertise can help you see through these events and also respond to them appropriately. Our full-fledged expertise in managing special events, road shows, advocacy activities, conferences, consensus building meets and policy development exercises contribute to the successful fruition of an organization.

Promotion of Investment - The Value of High Stake Marketing

Creation of wealth needs infusion of capital. The promotion and marketing of investment opportunities is a high stake exercise. Highly selective investors are placing new demands of economic prosperity. Capital is being wooed more intensely by organizations and nations.

At Strategic Communications Group, we are highly versed with capital markets and have a deeper understanding of identifying potential investors. Our strategic planning, media and public relations and policy influence help us effectively promote and market investment opportunities for our clients.

Diplomatic Engineering - The value of image and coalition building

Image management is crucial for an organization's growth and success. It helps invigorate better relations, attain higher recognition and achieve credible goodwill.

At Strategic Communications Group, we help assess the success of an organization through careful image management, coalition building, grassroots mobilization and policy development.


Additionally we offer specialists well-versed in political and social marketing, advocacy advertising and campaigning and communication ecology. To ensure an outstanding client service, we conduct regularly formal surveys and in-depth program reviews in close collaboration with our clients.